02 November 2011

Praat met me

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
The orange envelope is decorated by an AD for a languages school. It says: "Talk to me" in some languages. But it wasn't written in Dutch... (I hope the translation is right!)

I've also sent inside, among other stuff, a postcard related to languages. It's the Tower of Babel carved on wood. It belongs to the door of Zurich cathedral (Switzerland).


  1. Thanks a lot, Eva!!! I love 'languages', I appreciate your post a lot. And love your drawing on the envelope! Still have to send you a reply on the languages, as I promised before... first have to find the time to write sth about this very interesting subject!.. Maybe I'll smurf you another smurf... you'll see...

    (p.s. your translation is almost right: talk to me = praat met me)

  2. It was a "Google translator" translation, you see... :)

    Smurfs are always welcome! In fact, there is one Smurf on way...


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