07 November 2011

Midnight Train

Sent to Samuel (Argentina) for the the mail art call "Trenes y vagones".
Collage made from an old calendar, some stickers and a song by the Catalan band SAU: El tren de mitjanit ('Midnight train').
Also published here.


  1. That's a nice collage!
    I like trains, so I think I'm going to join this project, too!
    Few weeks ago we went to the Railway museum in Utrecht which we enjoyed a lot (www.spoorwegmuseum.nl, click top right on 'en' for English, if you're interested).

    Last summer I contributed to the Romanian 'Yellow Train' project, and the funny thing is that in the Netherlands, trains already are yellow! Alas that mail art project has finished. But for this Argentinian there is enough time (so to see).
    Thanks for sharing this collage!

    I guess you like traveling by train as much as I do!?!

  2. Thanks, Heleen!
    I'm surprised because I didn't told you we LOVE trains. We've visited some railways museums in several countries, so be sure we'll visit this museum if we happen to go to Utrecht one day. Actually, Hawwa's husband is crazy about trains and railways and stations and timetables and... But finally I've also read some books about this matter.
    And yes: I like travelling by train. Last summer in Sweden was a wonderful trip, you know!


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