16 August 2012

San Francisco

Sent by Eutrapèlia (the United States).

She doesn't live in the States any more, but managed to sent this postcard during a trip in the last weeks. I like a lot the tramways. They reminder me one beloved city, which probably has nothing to do with San Francisco except for the yellow cable cars.

When I travel, I find a lot of fun searching for the right postcard for every friend. And sometimes I wonder why people choose a postcard. In this case, Eutrapèlia did not realise that Alcatraz Island lighthouse can be seen in the distance. But that makes this postcard a double favourite, for the tram and the lighthouses!


  1. Hahah, in this case the reason was, in the first place, the tram. I love SF's tram and the last time I had been there I picked a postcard of it for my parents. This time I wanted a view of the sea and Alcatraz, but I didn't realised the lighthouse.

    1. It is just perfect, thank you very much.


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