25 August 2012


Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands). 
Also published here.

I like a lot postcards with planes. I see them sometimes in the Postcrossing site, and I have received some of them myself. But this is the only one I have obtained during a flight... and it was not in a plane of this company (what I was really surprised for!).


I am moving this week. Not just a removal from an street to another, but from my country to another country. And not in such a comfortable flight! I am excited and, at the same time I am a little worried. 

One of my concerns (not the biggest, of course) is about snail mail. There is a service to redirect the correspondence. I have hired it for six months, just to be sure that I will not lost any letter or postcard. As I have not any address, they will forward the mail to a safe address here. That means that I will receive these letters with certain delay, but at least... On the other hand: what about my new country? I am not sure if the post company will work as I am used to. I am also wondering how my mail box will be.


  1. Good luck in your new adventure. I have a German friend who moves a lot (but inside his own country, normally in his own city) and he contracted this service. It worked really good and I hadn't to worry about changing his adress for a while :D Let's hope the new post company will work! When J. went to Egipt, he sent me a postcard that never reached me (it was 3 years ago, but maybe it's in its way). I want to hear from you, your pratical matters or not :), the scene you can see from your window... Aren't you excited? :D I'm for you too.

    1. Thank you!
      I hired this service the last time I moved, and I know it works well. But I feel like having an address in my new home!

    2. Let me know when you'll have one. I think I still receive my Harrods mail in my former adress in London (I only bought a Christmas tree ornament but I wanted a card from Harrods :D and you have to give your adress when you fill in the form. I just thought maybe I'd use some discounts (?) when I was there but I never had the intention to buy sth else. I'm glad to have the card, though :) as a souvenir, at least.

  2. Again thank you very much for this card, I like it a lot!
    Meanwhile I'm looking forward to reading how things (including the removal) are going! But take your time, I'm sure you'll be very busy now (and I'm amazed - and happy! - to see that you are continuing to share your Mail Adventures with us readers! :-)

    1. In fact some of the posts I will publish the next days will be scheduled posts... :)

      And be sure I will write you how things are going!


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