11 August 2013

There Is a Plane...

Now that I have just arrived from a trip, it is time to show you these postcards I received some time ago:

Sent by Hannah (Germany).
Boeing 767-200 of Japan Airlines.

Sent by Katja (Italy).
Plane of Easy Jet.

Sent by Alexander (Italy).
Air Berlin Boeing 737-800.

I like these postcards of planes and airports because they make me dream. I also like the world connections they suggest. See that: a postcard of a Japanese company sent from Germany, of a German company sent from Italy, of an English company also sent from Italy (but the sender is German!)... It seems that planes really make the world smaller!

I would like to have one of these postcards of every single company, but they are not easy to get. Last summer I found one of these postcards in a plane, and I sent it:

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
Air Bus A320-214 of Swiss Air.
And again: a postcard showing a Swiss plane (found in an English plane!) sent from Spain to the Netherlands...

Update: I have sent another airport to Heleen...


  1. Nice cards! I haven't seen anything similar for our local aviation companies. If I see one, I'll make sure to remember getting one for you :)

  2. Jo vull xafardejar sobre el teu llarg viatge!!

  3. Again thank you, Eva!
    Also thank you for the airports I received!

    @ Maria Kristina: airplane postcards are very hard to find in my country, too. I've never seen them in postcard shops and even not at tourist/souvernir shops.
    However I discovered that they are sold exclusively at the Dutch airport. Maybe that might be the case in your country and more countries??

  4. p.s. I totally agree with you, Eva! So nice to see how these planes and cards travelled, and I think those connections are great!


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