14 August 2013

Whose Is the Postcard?

I have received this postcard from Canada throught Postcrossing on June. I love the postcard and what the sender wrote on the back. But when I registered it in the Postcrossing site and I read his profile, I was surprised to find this:
PLEASE do not upload any postcards to my postcard wall. Please respect my right to not partake of this particular part of Postcrossing.
I saw that some people have not respect the request, and there are some postcards on his wall. I did. But honestly, I do not understand why he ask such a thing. 

The fact is that I like to see all the postcards together on my wall. We share the wall, don't we? So should I respect the sender decision and have a postcard missing? Should he respect my right to have all my postcards uploaded? I mean... if you do not want to see your postcard's wall, just do not look at the wall.

What do you think?

Update: I uploaded the postcard to my Postcrossing wall.


  1. What do I think... I think I agree with both of you!
    Similar to you, I enjoy watching my postcard walls (received, sent and favourites wall). And for me it's the only way to order my slight chaotic postcard-store system. Also I’m enjoying to see other people's postcard walls, and those walls help me finding a most suitable postcard for the receiving postcrosser.
    However, when I put myself in his place, for me there would be two reasons to not maintain a postcard wall.
    On one hand I think for some people, sending and receiving as much as possible postcards seems to be a competition. And I understand why people don't want to join such a rat race.
    On the other hand (and I think I'm beginning to suffer that, too), scanning and publishing all sent and received postcards sometimes causes stress. Because instead of scanning and publishing only a few cards, there is a kind of unspoken obligation then to publish all postcards, even when there's a period of lack of time due to other obligations.
    A third reason I'm thinking of, regarding the previous-mentioned, is the possible fact that someone wants to spend most of his/her time IRL - in real life - and to spend (or ‘waste’) not too much time at the computer (I think you might recognize these words of mine :-).
    In fact, ‘irl’ is what snail mail is about, don't you think so? (although for me and probably you, too, the computer has become part of irl, too :-)

  2. P.S. I think it interesting to know what his reasons are! Maybe you could ask him via a pc-message?

    Lack of time for scanning and publishing does not seem to be a reason here, as I saw he has a (enjoyable) weblog showing many nice postcards and beautiful stamps!
    By the way, I think your choice to not add his card to your postcard wall a respectful choice, and I think I would do the same (so not upload it).

  3. Do you think he is assuming all recipients read the profiles of the card sender? I think that is unlikely/doubtful. I think he is aiming his request at the people who should read his profile, the ones who draw his address. His postcard wall, in my view, consists of the cards he has received, his postcards.

    If he sends me a card, then it is my postcard and can (and will) go on my wall.

    I don't see why he should care what happens to his card when it arrives at its destination. He is in fact messing up my wall of sent cards if he deletes the image, but I realise I have no say in the matter. It's his prerogative to do that.

  4. I agree with Sheila - "If he sends me a card, then it is my postcard and can (and will) go on my wall."
    I personally don't scan mine in because I don't have the time so my wall is incomplete but I'm very happy to oblige if someone says they haven't got a scanner and asks me to scan one in.
    I can't understand why anyone would not want theirs scanned in unless they are sending everyone the same boring postcard and not responding to anyone's profile request! Or am I being overly cynical?

  5. Many thanks for your opinions!

    Some people just don't understand this simple fact: when you send a letter/postcard, it doesn't belong to you any more. This is one of the reasons why I like mail!

    I publish that because this request surprised me.

    I supose I'll scan the postcard. I can't believe this person is watching at the wall constantly just to see if people publish or hot his postcards! :P


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