30 December 2013

Old Money

Last month I received this stamp on a postcard from John (the UK). He explained me that he stuck it just as a sticker, because it is "old money". Also in November Heleen (the Netherlands) sent me a lot of gulden stamps because it was the last time she could use them (what a pity!).

In Spain the euro replaced the peseta, in 2002, so we were obliged to change the stamps too. I remember stamps in pesetas were allowed for a short period after. Still now you can exchange them in post offices (you must go to a special post office if you have more than... 600 euros? Something like that).

I wonder if a lot of people have faced this problem...


  1. Have you????
    I hope it wasn't your case!!! ;)

  2. Not here in the USA. That does seem sad....

    1. Yes, if you are the kind of people who try to match the stamps (so you keep them for long time...). Not a problem in Morocco, where they sell me the same stamp again and again...!


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