07 December 2013


As most of the people who enjoy the snail mail, I appreciate beautiful handwriting and I love postcards about this matter. I have been told sometimes that I have a nice handwriting, but I am afraid it is becoming worse. Maybe I must practice even more.

Sent by Victoria (the UK).

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Sent by Laura (the UK).

Sent by Maria (Philippines). Leonardo da Vinci's handwriting.


  1. What a beautiful cards!

  2. Lovely postcards. I have been collecting (though I'm not supposed to be buying any more, not enough space) Ladybird books and the handwriting one is one I don't have, something to look out for.

    1. But you don't have space enough :P

  3. I like the one in the middle - I guess I'm writing that chaotic, too! Especially when I feel I'm in a hurry, my handwriting becomes worse (so practising would decrease mine :-)

    And don't worry, you DO have a very beautiful handwriting, Hawwa!

  4. Hi Hawwa,

    I am happy to be back to blogging after 11 months of hiatus. A bonus, is while visiting pages like yours that I had been following in the past, I saw that a postcard I sent to you is posted here on your blog :)

    I can't exactly remember whether we exchanged letters too ... My received postcards and letters were left in the Philippines when I moved.

    1. Hi, Maria,
      Where are you living now?
      We have exchanged just postcards. I have posted some of them:

      I'll be glad to read your blog again :)


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