02 July 2015

And Still More Lighthouses!

Sent by Bryon (the USA), this postcard shows Fort Canby Lighthouse or North Head Lighthousea rocky promontory near Cape Disappointment, near in the USA state of Washington.

Envelope sent by Stephanie (Germany). Two German lighthouses on the stamps: Buk and Flügge.

Stamp from Taiwan.


  1. Hello Eva! I wonder when I could resume on a full speed with my deltiophile hobby! Lighthouses is one of the theme I'm collecting. I have to halt it and focus with one theme for now which is the USA state map cards.

    Some of my lighthouses collection are here: http://lostforwords101.blogspot.com/search/label/lighthouse

    1. Hello, Maria! I had a good time looking at your lighthouses. This is my favourite theme. Indeed, not all my lighthouses are on the album, because I started to collect them a lot of years ago. I visit as many lighthouses I can when travel, and I took also pictures. Then print them and put on a special album.

      I remember I have sent a lighthouse from North Morocco long time ago!


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