01 July 2015

Vintage English Lighthouses

More British lighthouses on vintage postcards sent by John (the UK):

On the postcard you can read: Armed Night and Longships Lighthouse, Land's End. When you are a lighthouses lovers you discover that coasts of every country are full of "land's ends". Anyway, I like specially this postcard,with the lighthouse on the background and this sentence on the back:

We only receive "real things" through snail mail. That is why we love, isn't that?

And below it is Trevose Head. I love vintage postcards also because they usually wrote a lot of explanations on the back (before Wikipedia, that was really useful"):
Around the rugged coast of Cornwall, there are a large number of lighthouses. This coast takes the brunt of Atlantic gales, which a century ago spelt disaster for the sailing clippers, and even today, wrecks are not unknown. Trevose Head commands a magnificent view on a fine day. The nearby golf course at Trevose has now acquired championship status, while just south is the beautiful bay of Treyarnon.

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