09 January 2017

Postal Postcards

I like postcards about postal workers and everything postal, and I am lucky to receive them now and then...

Postcard sent by John (the UK), from the National Postal Museum. Ralph Allen (1693-1746) was the Postmaster of Bath. He revolutionised the postal service by setting cross posts between the major post roads. This gave a direct link between major provincial towns.
And he is reading (a letter?), of course.

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). The title of this painting by Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684) is Het aanreiken van een brief in een voorhuis ('A Man handing a Letter to a Woman in the Front Hall of a House'). After a quick Google searching, I learned that letters appeared often in his paintings...

Snail Mail, by Hexagonwonders
Another postcard sent by John (the UK), with a real snail mail carrier...

Felix Mit Brief und Koffer,
by Constanza Droop
I am not sure if this rabbit (Felix?) is going to post the letters before engaging in a long trip, or finding the letters when he arrives home, or... I should read the book!

A red pillar box full of letters,sent by Laura (the UK)!


  1. I love this theme (as you know :-) ).

    And oh, how great is that snail mail snail! I never seen a mail snail carrying the letters this way (under those two, er, how do you call it, things). Inspiring!

    1. I love that illustration, too. But it seems that carrying the mail is a big effort for that little snail...

      (Things must be theright word...:)

    2. Of course I wanted to know what the 'things' are called... it seems they are tentacles, or lower tentacles (as sometimes I see the eyestalks labeled as upper tentacles). Thanks for the diversion!


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