16 January 2017

Some Postal Projects

These days I am reading a lot about New Year resolutions. And, of course, on the sites I frequent, or on my friends' letters, some of these resolutions have to do with snail mail. As my eternal resolution is to send less mail* (as strange as it might sound), some massive projects never fail to impress me. For instance:

The thousand postcard project 

Naomi is going to send out to the world not less than 1000 postcards. These vintage postcards, dating from 1900 to 1970, are a present of her husband, with the challenge of sending them during 2017.
If this sounds like something you’d like to discover in your letterbox, I’d like to send a postcard to YOU. You don’t have to do anything, pay anything, acknowledge receipt or reply. All I ask is that you share the snail-mail love by writing something to somebody else, just to make their day. (...) Simply fill in the form.
There is no doubt that it is a wonderful present and an exciting challenge. But... she is going to need 1000 stamps!

The Year of Letters

Someone (?) in Bombay is writing a letter a day during this year, as part of a creative challenge.
I am going to be writing a letter a day to people as the new year starts. If you are a person who enjoys snailmail as much as I do, there's a link in my profile to fill in your details. You could be anywhere on the planet. You could be anyone and you can send a letter to anyone. You only have to ask! 💙
If you want one of her letters, you just have to fill this form. (Even the most horrible guy ever has signed up...!)

Michelle Houts’s 52 Letters in a Year Challenge

Her challenge consists in write letter/note/card a week during 2017. If you do not know who to write to (That is not exactly my problem...), she suggests a list. What I love the most about this challenge is that the first and the last letters are for... Michelle Houts.

*Don't worry about this: Of course I am going to reply to your letters!


  1. Great post! I wonder how many you are going to take part in?

    And my mail (art) resolution is to try not to accumulate more materials, and use up what I have.

    1. I've signed up for the first two. With Naomi I have already exchanged some mail.

      The 52 Letters in a Year Challenge doesn't make sense to me, because I usually write more than 52 letters a year.

      I've seen more of these postal projects. Some of them are like "Send me this or that", and don't say "I will answer you". That is odd, isn't it?

    2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful projects (how can we - from overseas - help Naomi to get this many stamps?)

      And thank you for your inspiring comment, Phillip!
      I should follow FinnBadger's good resolution, for things are accumulating, I mean, have accumulated here giantly, too...
      I signed up for Naomi's project already but for the forementioned reason I should not sign up for any other project... Despite of the fact that these are such great and kind projects!

    3. I guess that the present came along with the stamps...

      You both have made good resolutions. I hope it doesn't mind that you don't wish to get more mail!

  2. The first two sound fun so I've signed up, too.

  3. This is such a great idea -- I received my post card from Naomi this week!

  4. Again thank you, Eva, for attracting our attention. I received Naomi's postcard, too!

  5. Loved this collection of awesome folks doing letter writing! Am a freak myself, so thank u, I'll go sign up with folks who can still take me. :)

    1. Let me know if you receive something!


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