28 August 2017

London off the Beaten Track

On the back, it reads:
London Borough of Newham. Stratford Station an important junction (originally built in 1839) with a modern bus station and shopping centre. Home of West Ham United football club (The Irons/Hammers) who originated from the ThamesIron works in 1895,Newham is preparing to welcome people and athletes of the World for the year 2012.
So this postcard waited at least five years on the shop for my friend to buy it and send it to me...

I am afraid that the Cockney Rhyming Slang is too difficult...

Dr. Johnson's House (17 Gough Square London, EC4A 3DE), at twilight.

The Temple Church (Fleet Street). It came to the publics' attention a number of years ago at the publishing (and subsequent film) of Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code

All postcards sent by Laura (the UK). And also this letter:

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  1. Temple Church, of Dan Brown´s Da Vinci Code´s fame...


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