18 August 2017

What or Whom Is She Staring At? (Stamp)

What or whom is she staring at? is a mail art project by Heleen (the Netherlands). This was my contribution. I am glad to received again this woman in the form of a stamp!


  1. Glad you liked it!
    And thank you again for your contribution, I am very happy with it (glasses are seldom seen in art, and being a myopic person, I feel understood :-) )

    1. Of course I love the project. Even if I-m not contributing a lot to the IUOMA site now, I always look at the contributions of this project!

    2. Oh, and I am also VERY myopic!!

    3. :-)

      The good thing is that many people at a certain age (40+, I see around me) who never have worn glasses before, have to use glasses when reading, while we (at least I) can put off glasses when reading :-)

    4. But DH now needs both. Happily, he can still manage with a sort of "magical" (so it sounds!) contact lenses.


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