06 February 2018

HitM | First from Germany

The first houses for the project Houses in the Mail have already arrived. They are pretty nice and full of red flowers...

This is a traditional house in Bavaria. I think it is a museum nowadays.
Postcard sent by Simone (Germany).

A half-timbered house near Ratingen. It was renovated few years ago and they found a scallop that showed that it has been a hostel for pilgrims. Now a family with three kids live there.
Postcard sent by Tanjia (Germany).


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    And how coincidentally: one of my first sent postcards show a 'vakwerk' ('timbered' in English?) house, too :-) Be it without such a colourful flower garden :-)

    1. I'm already realising that timbered (or vakwerk) houses are among people's primary idea of what a house is. Like when I was at school, and all the children drew houses with gable roofs... But the houses in our region were nothing like that! That's curious.

      I'm already enjoying the project a lot.

    2. Also here I am amazed, both my kids drew our house as a house with two or three floors and a pointed/gable roof - while we live in an appartment (on one floor), and the building has a flat roof :-)

      Vakwerk houses are uncommon here, too; the typical white wall / nrown timber houses are in the very south east of our country, close to Germany.

  2. Seems most of the homes in the NW part of the US are gable roofed. Could be because of the snow and frequent rain I imagine. Timbered homes are fairly uncommon but I do see them here from time to time.


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