08 February 2018


Heleen (the Netherlands) sent this letter with stamps from one of my favourite series ever. I like the clever-clever-clever design of the stamps, and the message they convey: 
There are things you don’t learn from a book which may in fact be more important than learning your tables. This insight by Christian Borstlap was the inspiration for a design series of stamps in collaboration with “TNT’s Children’s Stamp”; a Dutch charity promoting the education of vulnerable children. Alongside the playfully illustrated tips, his lessons on life were listed along the margins of the sheets of stamps. The concept was brought to life in a book of postcards and an internationally awarded short animation. Result: a € 9.5 million benefit.
You have here more information about this issue (with an interesting short video).

Inside, three postcards from the same series of kinderpostzegels:

Beer is op Vlinder ('Bear is in love with Butterfly')
Annemarie van Haeringen

Kleine ezel ('Little Donkey')
Annemarie van Haeringen

Helden op sokken ('Heroes on socks')
Marit Törnqvist


  1. Hapy to see the mail has arrived well!
    I think I still owe you the bottom half of this serie?!


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