02 March 2018

With Just a Fruit Label

This letter sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) arrived in Morocco, and rather soon, without the name of the country write on it: just on that little fruit label (You can compare to what happened to that letter...).

The matching stamp (at least, matching with the label of the orange), belongs to the to the 6-stamps sheet Grenzeloos Nederland ('Borderless Netherlands'), issued by Dutch post on 15 August 2016, and dedicated to Australia.

Heleen had sent me more stamps from the same series...

More information about the stamp and the issue here.


  1. Funny that it arived so fast! I think the postal machines recognized the name of the city? Supposing that they couldn't decipher the fruit label (??).

    And funny that the label traveled back to the land where it was born :-)

    Thank you for showing the stamps - now I know which one is missing. Hope to find one and send it to you soon!

    1. Postal machines are smarter that we think! :D


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