29 November 2019

Поезд №1

The Museum of the Railroad History at Alexandrov railway station invites you to take part in the mail art project Train №1 dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the first passenger-train arrival on the 1st of January 1870. 

The idea: creation of the work of authorship (postcard) which should be sent to the project address via post. 

Style of execution: free (drawing, appliqué, collage). It is desirable to send the works without envelopes. 

Size: no limit.

Encouragement for participation in the project is not provided. All works will become a part of the exhibition of the Museum.

Deadline of works receiving is 31 December 2019.

The project's blog: www.tutu150.blogspot.com

Works can be sent to:

The Museum of the Railroad History at Alexandrov,
Railway station
1, Komsomolskaya Square
Vladimir region,

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  1. Interesting mail art project - sadly nothing comes to mind at the moment.


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