16 November 2019

HitM | Colourful Houses of Groningen

This postcard is from a Postcrossing Meeting held in Groningen on 28 September. I thought I could add these colourful houses to the Houses in the Mail project...

Another postcard from the same meeting. The orange spots on the map show the earthquake areas, due to gas extraction from the Groningen gas fields (more information). On the right, the Earthquake Monument.

The stamps with the flag of the province were designed for the meeting as well:


  1. Love the colourful houses - we should have of them in this world, I think.
    And that is a cool take on the flag. Glad to hear the extractions will be stopped.

    1. Where I live now, the houses should be painted in white, in the traditional Mediterranean way. So this sounds very exotic to me!

  2. Those custom stamps are great - clever designs.


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