21 February 2021

Sunday Stamps | Green Creatures

 Sunday Stamps is featuring today Green stamps. I found some green creatures in my collection...

Green birds

 The USA, 2016

Green reptiles

The USA, 2019
(More information about these stamps)

Green insects

Belarus, 2016

Green Flowers

The USA, 2007

Green Superheroes

The UK, 2019


  1. I like the parakeets squaring up to the viewer. Some cute green creatures

  2. I love that you thought of the Hulk for today.

  3. The frogs are great. I am disappointed in USPS for not including the names of them on the stamp.

  4. I love your result of the theme! (And I must confess that when I read your title, and even though I’m an avid animal lover, I immediately thought of Hulk, Kermit and those aliens from Toy Story, to then discover ‘Oh yes, of course there are green birds and real frogs, too’ :-)

  5. The frog in the middle looks like Rana Clamitans - The American Green Frog with I've seen many times in my daughter's small lake.


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