03 May 2021

Mail Call from Hungary

Dear fellow mail artists,

I invite you to participate at Mail a smile’s newest challenge. I know this is a difficult period for everyone, but I believe creating art can bring us a tiny bit of peace. I am planning to organize an exhibition of all the mail that arrives, because I am confident your wonderful artwork will bring smiles to all the visitors.
(Location: Győr, Hungary. More details of the exhibition will be shared later.)

Topic: my home
Deadline: July 31st

Please, send your work to this address:
Pálma Puskás

(More info: mailasmile.org)      


  1. This post causes a big Smile on my face!
    So happy to see mailasmile.org is on line! Sending mail to Pálma is on my list and something I should have done already two years ago... Thanks for the (indirect) reminder, Eva, and I'm looking forward to creating and sending 'my home' mail to her!

    1. :)
      I'll send something as well. I like this topic!


Thank you for coming. All your comments make me extremely happy.