27 May 2021


Now that people are travelling less often, staycation postcards have become a thing...

Guadalest (Alacant, Spain)
Received from the Netherlands

Torre de la Horadada (Alacant, Spain)
Received from the Netherlands

Retro postcard of Balatonfenyves (Hungary)

'Eeh, these bank holidays... they're a real problem to decide.'
From A Grand Day Out

Sun Street, Canterbury (UK)


  1. The Wallace and Grommit postcard is great! And reality, at least this (and past, and maybe next) year :-)
    For me that has turned out to be not bad, as I discover ‘new’ places during my daily walk: since last December I’m doing a daily walk in my neighborhood, and still there are some streets or tiny footpaths I have never walked before! And nature is changing because of the seasons, which makes my daily walks different, even on the same routes.
    Nevertheless I think the Wallace and Grommit card, together with all touristic cards ever received, comforting during lack-of-vacacion times :-)

    1. Discovering our surroundings is a nice thing this situation has bring us. Actually, I don't miss travelling so much... but postcards are always welcome! :)


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