17 December 2021

United Nations Stamps

I have never sent stamps from the United Nations (I will try one day!). But I have received some of them. Bryon sent these recently, on the back of two postcards. They were written on 29 October, and arrived on 25 November. Not ad!

I wonder why they were cancelled twice, by hand and mechanically. One of the postcards was cancelled on the front side, which is not strange in the mail from the USA:


  1. That extra postmark is likely frustrating for collectors. I understand the US postal service processes the New York UN mail. So after the UN postmarks the mail it still probably goes through some automated postmark process in the US Postal service system before proceeding to the destination.

    1. I am not a classic collector. I like to see the marks on the pieces of mail: that's a sign they are alive! This stamps are very beautiful in person. Thanks again!

  2. The UN produces some beautiful stamps indeed!


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