20 January 2022

Another Postal Mystery

This letter was sent by Bryon to Canada on 7 March 2020, to be postmarked with the special postmark of the Apple Blossom Festival. But it only get the postmark on 26 October, and reached me on 3 December. I was puzzled when I read it whishing me a happy Spring!

Maybe the festival was delayed, maybe it fell between cabinets in a post office where a janitor eventually found it... Where it was between March and October will remain a postal mystery.


  1. That is crazy. Here the special postmarks always have one date on them, so you never know on which specific date it was applied. And they also stop placing them after a certain date. Nice that it finally arrived, though, with very nice postmarks.

  2. Very true. We will never know the full tale here!

    1. The important thing is that the letter arrived ;)

  3. But still it is an Apple Blossom postmark! Maybe they wanted to be sure that the apple blossom led to apple harvest :-)


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