27 February 2022

Sunday Stamps | Gandhi

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Dark (colour or theme). I cannot think of anything darkest than war. I own some war stamps on that theme, but let me "interpret the theme any way you wish", and show you a little collection of stamps featuring Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

The first postage stamp showing Gandhi was released only on on 15 August 1948, a year after India attained independence. 

This is the oldest in my albums:

India, 1973

Gandhi is a big figure in India, and this country has featured him on several stamps. For example:

India, 1980

India, 2009

Not only India: more than 100 countries have honoured this man on postage stamps. The first nation other than India to release Gandhi postage stamp was the USA on 26 January 1961. It was followed by Congo in 1967. 

USA, 1961

During Gandhi’s birth centenary in 1969, more than 40 countries released postage stamps on the same day.

United Kindom, 1969
First Day Cover

The year 2019 marked the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), and it is difficult to find a postal administration which did not release a commemorative stamp. 

Hungary, 2019

France, 2019

Spain, 2019

India, 2020


  1. Malheureusement ces hommes de paix connaissent un destin tragique !

    1. Mais son héritage continue à inspirer les gens.

  2. The joyous Spanish stamp lifts the heart. The influence and name of this man of peace will last far longer than the warmongers.

    1. It was issued along with a stamp featuring Indira Gandhi. You can see it here.

  3. A great collection of stamps of a great peace maker, on a day when the world needs a lot more peace.

    1. Sadly, every day the world needs more peace :|

  4. Gandhi has such a nice face and a friendly smile.
    Thank you.

  5. Thank you for sharing, and helping us remember this man of peace.

  6. Good to see your post in these dark days, thank you for sharing stamps of this peaceful inspiring man.


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