29 May 2022

Sunday Stamps | Different Shapes

A miscellany of different shapes for today's theme on Sunday Stamps: Shaped.

Maybe it is difficult to perceive this is not a square...

UK, 2013

I have always appreciated the round stamps like these:

African Daisy
USA, 2022

(First Day of Issue Pictorial Postmark)
USA, 2020

Blocking - European Volleyball Championship
Poland 2017

And this is an original shape, isn't it?

National Treasures: Yohen Tenmoku Tea Bowl
Japan, 2021


  1. Japan really likes their shaped stamps, I've found. Those round flower stamps are really nice - and you got a special pictorial as well :)
    There is something amusing about having a nose extending beyond the square stamp.

  2. The Dinosaur set was one of my favourites, can't contain one within a square:). You are right the Japan stamp shape is unique, nice to think some Japanese techniques for firing pottery are too.

  3. Lovely Japanese stamps.


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