16 January 2023

150 Years of French Postcards

I have recently got this BIG stamp from France. It was issued on 20 December 2022, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of postcards in France.

On December 20, 1872, on the proposal of the director of the Rampont-Léchin Post Office, a finance law formalized the birth of the postcard in France. The first cards circulated on January 15, 1873 and were a resounding success: in one week, 7,412,700 copies were sold. From 1890, the postcard became the preferred medium for correspondence.

The envelope was sent by Fabienne.


  1. That is a clever, and very large, stamp!

    1. I am glad she decided to stick the whole sheet.

  2. Oui et je n'ai pas écrit ton adresse dessus :)

  3. Le timbre seul n'aurait eu que peu d'intérêt :)


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