31 January 2023

Country Definitives

Country definitives, formerly known as Regional Postage Stamps of Great Britain are the postage stamps issued for regions of the United Kingdom, reflecting the regional identity of the various countries and islands of the British isles.

Some of the latest I have got, with different values:


Northern Ireland



So far, only two new barcoded country definitives have arrived. They were issued on 11 August 2022. I guess some people find these stamps boring. Do you?


  1. One I do not have, in any denomination, is Northern Ireland. lucky you!

  2. I have more of those, received years ago, in different denominations. Northern Ireland is the most scarce.

  3. In real, at first sight, I thought these UK stamps not so interesting, they are/were monochromatic and too 'common'. But now that I see them enlarged here at Mail Adventures, wow!
    The 3D effect is great, and especially the thistle with its nice purple colour plus the first two versions, uncancelled and the wavy postmark, wow, they make me feel that I can grab them (not thinking of the thistle-thorns). So beautiful!

    1. I usually like the commonest stamps of every country. They are usually humble, but beautiful little artworks. And they perform its task perfectly.

      Also, maybe they remind me of times when everybody knew which ones were the commonest stamps.


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