05 February 2023

Sunday Stamps | Lord Mayor's Show

Today's theme is Sunday Stamps is Anniversaries

The stamps below were issued on 17 October 1989, to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Lord Major's Show. According to the Wikipedia:
The Lord Mayor's Show is one of the best-known annual events in London as well as one of the longest-established, dating back to the 13th century. A new lord mayor is appointed every year, and the public parade that takes place as his or her inauguration ceremony reflects that this was once one of the most prominent offices in England.

You can read more about the show here, and see the details of the stamps here.

I could not find any older anniversary!


  1. This series has quite the cartoonish look to them.

  2. That is quite the tradition. A fun set.

  3. I like this colourful set and the way it suggests the crowds. I'm still waiting for the 1 that is missing from my collection to turn up:(

    1. There is also one missing on the envelope I got!

  4. What a long-running event!


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