17 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho Money

I got a letter from really far away... the North Pole!

It was sent by Robby (the USA). And I discovered inside one million dollars. That's really something! I guess this special money must be used to buy some Christmas presents, what do you think?


  1. I think Mr. Santaklaus has given this to YOU!
    (to buy presents for yourself, maybe a new house, a lighthouse, a boat?).
    (The only problem is that this money seems to be valid/available only on Dec 25th, the day that all shops and estate agents are closed...)

    Sadly Santaklaus doesn't know my address :-)

  2. Hi there,
    I would like to react to the 1 Mio USD above. Would you care to tell me your address at info@robinim.us?

  3. Oooh! Was that the secret? So my new lighthouse must wait another year to be mine, mustn't it?

    (I thought Santaklaus knew all addresses in the world...)

  4. @ Hawwa, crec que tenen el mateix problema l'any que ve. Els diners també és vàlid en 25-12-2012. Però, tots els corredors (? em refereixo als vendes d'habitatges) estan tancats per al Nadal. Fins i tot aquells dels fars.
    (Si no tinguin hores de noves botigues, llavors.)
    Quina llàstima ... Els desitjo que el seu propi far!

    @ r, I think there's a letter 's' missing in your email address!?

  5. What do you mean with the "s"? I have two "ss" (?!?)

  6. No, you are o.k.!
    This short note was meant '@ r', = 'for r' (Robin), who reacted to your blog. Because his email address ends with 'robinism.us' instead of the 's'-missing 'robinim.us' he wrote above.
    I think he might like the banknote-mailart, as he makes banknote-mailart, too, and he sent me this one: http://yourdoctorinmailart.blogspot.com/2011/12/robin.html .

    Espero que va a trobar una manera de comprar el far! Si et puc ajudar?

  7. Thank you, Heleen!
    And for the lighthouse, we must find out the way...


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