10 December 2011

Brown Ugly Tape

Last month, I wanted to send to my friend Laura (the UK) her birthday present. So I gathered some items and put them together in a shoe box. Exactly like this one:

When I arrived in the post office counter, I was told that it's forbidden to put advertisements on the packets. I think my face was a sign of big surprise: I only wished to recycle! Then the woman said: "Don't worry". She started to cover the advertisement with sticky tape. Metres and metres of brown ugly sticky tape, I mean!  I hadn't any picture of the result, but I assure you that you couldn't see the advertisement. In fact, you could see the box with great difficulty. So... sorry, Laura!


  1. That's incredible! How can a postal service decide to forbid people to write on (or to not quit the printed words or logos from) their parcels?
    In other words, can the postal service really restrict people to send anything they want to send?

    That tree logo is beautiful, I would have loved to send such an image! So to my opinion she did a bad job...

    I am curious to know if she would have this rule, this 'law', on paper, and I would like to see / read it.
    And... that would mean that also ad postcards cannot be sent anymore without brown sticky tape on it (that would be good news for some postcrossers :-) )

    Maybe you can ask her next time to show and copy these rules-on-paper, as I still cannot believe that a public postal service indeed can restrict us!?!..

  2. (and now we all know which shoes you wear :o) )

  3. In fact, they can. I haven't any doubt that this rule exists on paper. The Spanish post service has a very restrictive rules. For instance, some years ago you were not allowed to send blue envelopes (?!).
    Some of my mails aren't allowed because of its size or shape, even contents... but usually I skip these rules. If you weight the mail at hoome and post it directly in the mailbox (without visiting the post office), it's easier. If post employers suppose there is a personal letter, they are very permissive...

  4. These are Hawwa's husband shoes... :P


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