16 December 2011

Incoming Mermaids

Salina Sagace, by Heleen

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).
Mermaids drawn by Heleen (the second one had the collaboration of a little person, I'm afraid).


  1. Yes, it was a great collaboration! I enjoyed this a lot.

    In a way I'm a bit envious of this little girl's artistic capabilities. She is able to make non-figurative lines. I'm not. I can't, despite the fact that I even took classes in it!

    So we (at least I) can learn from this little fellow (and from all fellows) :-)

  2. I've been working in a task for my "Development" class this morning, with my classmate Neus. It is about drawings made by children. We must analyse the differences between ages from some artistic works. Actually, we have decided to analyse differences between twins, because Neus' sons are twins (9 years).
    It is really interesting!


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