27 July 2012

100 Pantone Postcards Project

Sent by Laura (the United Kingdom).

This is a handmade postcard (using Crayola colours) inspired by Pantone postcards. 

The fact is that I have recently discovered this blog whose owner had started some time ago the 100 Pantone postcards project. I thought those postcards were fantastic, and it would be amazing to receive one of them. And then... my friend
 Laura sent to me her fantastic work! The funny thing is that I had not told her a word about this matter.

Of course I prefer to name the colours. It is an odd idea thinking in colours as just a number. Even if it is very useful for professionals, I know. L'hora violeta (='The Violet Hour`) is a novel issued by Catalan writer by Montserrat Roig in 1980. It is also this strange time at dusk, when it is not dark still, but light is not completely clear. It is the magical hour when things happen. I hope you understand me...

PS Pantone is an American system for classify colours from eleven basic colours. For more information about Pantone, Inc. and PANTONE® Products, visit http://www.pantone.com.

PS 2 The really amazing site about colours is this. You can spend hours and hours there, even if it has not been update since long time ago. Most is written in French. But even if you do not read any French, you can enjoy the page about the names of the colours in different languages. You can find the most strange colours in le dictionnaire imaginaire (='The Imaginary Dictionary'). You can participate giving a colour suggesting names as abeille (='bee'), hybride (='hybrid'), pas-chez-moi (='NIMBY'), Vache Milka (='Milka Cow'), etc.


  1. Thanks for linking to my project! I feel like I've read this post before but I wonder why I didn't comment!? Probably reading on my phone...

    1. I've sent you an e-mail long time ago. But don't worry. I just love your project, and I am thinking of doing something similar...

      Thank you for visiting he blog now!


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