06 July 2012

Lovely Handwritten Notes

As its name, this is a lovely mail project.  I am afraid that I am not able to paraphrase, so you can read in the blog itself about the background, mission, vision and values of the project:
 Mission: To reclaim the lost art of sending handwritten letters through the post.

  • Time taken to write a letter is time well spent.
  • Human connection is vital to positive growth.
  • Smiles can be sent with a stamp.
  • The U.S. Postal Service is not an antiquated system.
How does it work? If you would like to get a Lovely Handwritten Note, you must send your mailing address to: lovely.handwritten.notes@gmail.com

In addition, if you would like to sent a Lovely Handwritten Note, it may be addressed to:

Lovely Handwritten Notes
P.O. Box 2674
Washington, D. C. 20013
United States of America

Every Wednesday a Question of the Week  is posed to the readers to respond via postcard, letter, mail art or any mailable method.

I did not participate yet!

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