11 January 2013

Gorgeous Envelope

Sent by Postmuse (the USA).

Gorgeous envelope. And inside the last postcard I've adopted. Do not you know the Orphaned Postcard Project yet?


  1. Beautiful envelope!
    And I love the OPP. It's such a nice, great idea to get postcards and their stories, people's stories, together on Postmuse's OPP website!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your adopted postcard, Eva, once you've written and sent it, on the OPP website!
    (.. I still owe Postmuse a postcard; she had sent it to me almost a year ago, I think, and still I wasn't able to write and send it back.. Hope to reply this card soon, too...)

    1. I've sent it, so you will see it soon in OPP weblog (and here?).

  2. Thank you Heleen! And no worries on turnaround :)

    I'm glad the envelope arrived without harm. I am having a bit of bad luck with some of my mailart arriving in quite battered condition. But, maybe now that the holiday season is over, the mail will get a bit less rough treatment.


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