09 January 2013

Lovely Envelope

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).


  1. So nice to see that the post company chose to cancel the priority sticker instead of cancelling the stamp in the usual corner!

    The stamp bottom right is the last stamp I had from a stamp sheet, so-called 'children's stamps' (kinderpostzegels), issued for charity every year. That year - 1997 - the theme was 'fairy tales' and you certainly will recognise the fairy tale pictured.

    1. I think postal workers are very busy and they don't have the time to be meticulous about details. But when I worked in "Correos", I always looked closer at the personal letters and postcards (very few indeed, among tones of bills!).

      I just love these stamps, thank you!

  2. I agree, postal workers nowadays are judged by their bosses by their 'output', which they have to increase in less time, due to cost reduction. And don't have time for details nor for a talk with their clients (I also heard from an ex-postal worker, whose work became too hard by this so alas she quit).

    However, for me it's nice to see: I enjoy to see cancelling stamps, and love to see them on extraordinary locations, so this postal worker (or maybe canceling machine?...) made made my day!


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