16 January 2013

Which Year?

Sent by Olga (Ukraine).

Unluckily I can't read Ukrainian. I guess this fine postcard I received trough Postcrossing wish me a happy new year. But... 2012?


  1. It's been delayed for a year! And it has reached you in your new destination. Right time, right place, I'm sure the postman wanted it to be like this. He had to wait for an entire year, because last year it was too late!

    1. Maybe... but it was sent on 12th December 2012! :)

  2. According to translate.google.nl, з Новим роком indeed means Happy New Year.
    But I think it okay to wish a Happy New Year always, whatever year it might be. Meant well. And I think she is fast: isn't it the year 1434 also? And I read in Ethiopia now it's the year 2005, while the Persian year 1391. So wishing a happy 2012 is okay, too.
    (but, er, according to the Amazigh calendar it might be the year 2693, isn't it? And next week (26 January) the Chinese year 4706 will begin..).

    Maybe an other explanation is: the card was sent 12-12-12 (great date!) and there were a few days left to 21-12 (a dangerous date according to the Maya calendar, I heard in the news of 20-12). So maybe this card also was to wish a happy new year after 21-12-12!? :-)

    Anyway, I like the card! I've never seen a christmas tree designed like this and it inspires me! Thanks for sharing!

    1. As we are in 1434 (among others) I found a bit odd to wish a happy new year so in advance... But of course you're right and every day/week/month/year is ok to wish a happy time! ;)

      And I also agree with you that the card is original and inspiring. I love its design.


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