13 October 2013

Cars on Stamps

The theme for Sunday Stamps #142 is Cars. I have discovered I have just three stamps about cars in my collections, but I want to share them anyway!

From the Netherlands
 It belongs to this series.

From the UK
This one belongs to the British Auto Legends Collection issued by the Royal Mail.

From the USA
On may 20, 2011, in Indianapolis (Indiana) the USPS issued an Indianapolis 500 commemorative stamp. More information about the stamp here.


  1. I would love having the first one, too in my collection!

  2. You may have just three car stamps but what a fine three,

  3. What a lovely set the the Dutch one is from. Looks like Donald has set off on one of his adventures.

  4. Very nice stamps, the disney one is fun!

  5. I'lltake the little blue car, thanks.
    Thank you for joining us this week.

  6. those are really cool car stamps! i would love to have the second one, as he sure looks so much like one my little man's fave characters, Finn McMissile from the Disney animated film, Cars 2! :)

  7. the dutch stamp is so cute! and the blue one so elegant, it would turn many heads on the roads here


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