21 March 2014

Last Days of Winter

Postcard sent by Laura (the Netherlands).

Today the spring arrives. But I wanted to show you the last winter postcard, from Amsterdam. This woman ice skating with a baby is something difficult to see here!

Some postcrossers and collectors have capital cities among their favourite themes. For instance, the runner of the blog Capitals of the world on postcards. I also have a little collection of this theme, although being the capital doesn't mean being the most beautiful city of a country, of course.

I have recently added some postcards from Amsterdam, sent by Laura and Heleen:

The Rijksmuseum (1876-1885)


Skyline made of ontbitoek (='breakfast bread'). I love it!

Prisengracht, Westertoren

And I place I wouldn't probably miss...


  1. The postcard with ship id great!

    1. Yes, I'd like to visit this fantastic ship.

  2. I love with the breakfast bread postcard - very clever :D

    1. It is a very nice idea indeed, particularly because this kind of bread is typical from there.


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