12 April 2014


Letter sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Dear Mr/Mrs Post(wo)man,
Do you think that if you postmark the letters in such chaotic and untidy way I can really enjoy the stamps that my friends choose carefully with love?
Postally yours,



  1. Dear letter receiver,
    Do you think I could care less?
    Mr Postman

    1. Oh, the postpeople can't be so careless... It's just that they have a lot of work! ;)

  2. Always stay optimistic :-)
    I won't consider the cancellation stamps dirty, chaotic nor untidy. I see they form a railroad-yard! Don't you think so? (Railroad-yard! where did we talk about that subject again :-) I forgot to answer - platja de vies, great words - and thanks to these postmarks I remember; In Dutch we call a railway-yard a opstelterrein, or rangeerterrein, or spoorweg-emplacement (depending on the function of it).)

    I think the postmark-stamping machines very clever: they were afraid that one of the stamps would be re-used if unstamped, and therefore they manage to touch ALL postage stamps!
    (and I am afraid the post company will send me a bill: by these confusing postage stamps the machine might have got dizzy and broke :-)

    1. In fact this kind of mail adventures don't make me angry at all: I usually smile but think "poor envelope". I like the vision as a opstelterrein (or rangeerterrein or spoorweg-emplacement.. difficult words! "Platja de vies" is easier and more beautiful!).

      And about the bill... I'm afraid than your address is really well-known among the postal workers (so you're likely receiving this bill soon). But always stay optimistic... :-)


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