03 April 2014


Sent by Stéphanie (France). Illustration by Rébecca Dautremer.

I did not understand Alice in Wonderland as a child. But now is one of my favourite books. However, I have only got a postcard two postcards related to this book so far.

Update: I have forgotten this one!!

Sent by Laura (the UK). "My books", Page from Blackie's Children's Annual, 1919, By Honor Appleton.


  1. It is so funny :-)

  2. Only one postcard so far? Well, today I posted one for you!
    (I hope that I've seen it right and that it's showing Alice-in-Wonderland, too - although I had bought that card for you due to tea/coffee cups :-)

  3. Ok - that's something new to search for> I think I may have one.
    I didn't like Alice as a child and am no more enamoured of it now. I think it is quite frightening for youngsters and I'm still a baby at heart!

    1. Please, don't feel obliged, I didn't write for that reason. I think you're right and this book is a bit scaring... Maybe I'm finally becoming an adult!
      In self-defence, I must say that I have recently discovered the series of Oz (yes, recently!), and I'm really enjoying them. How could I live without these funny adventures so far? :D


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