27 April 2014

Pictures of Children on Stamps

The theme for this week in Viridian's Postcard Blog Sunday Stamps is Of children and for children. I want to show you stamps with real children on, not drawings. It happens that all of them arrived from the Netherlands!

Children's toys, Issued on 6th November 1991.  I like specially stamps with children playing like these:

And in the following one from 2009... Well, I'm sure there is a child somewhere!

More pictures of children on stamps:

Issued on 9th Nov 2010. See the complete series.

One of the stamps issued to commemorate de 65-years-old of UNICEF. You can see here the whole sheet here, and an interesting analysis about contrast between the stamp issued in 1996 and these issued three years ago.

This belongs to 2013 Children's Welfare Stamps issued by PostNL. This series of pictures taken in Ethiopia highlight the contrast between children who attend school and children who have to work (see the whole sheetlet: each of the three children is photographed both at school and at work).


  1. You have a really lovely and large selection here - and I've never seen any of them before!

  2. Great Stamps. I featured UNICEF this week myself. I still send Holiday cards from Unicef every year at Christmas time.

  3. I get a number of cards via Postcrossing from the Netherlands, but I have not seen these stamps.
    thank you for participating this week.

  4. All new to me as well. The 2010 child with the maths symbols is a gem - he looks suitably unimpressed.

  5. My favorite is the one with the children looking at the globe.

  6. A great selection, I haven't seen any of these before. It makes me think that the Netherlands issues a lot more commemorative stamps than, say, GB.

  7. The Dutch seem to have a lot of children themed stamps - most of the ones I found were from there (although none were the same as these!)

  8. Nice games stamps, especially the triangular one. I like how the Netherlands issues Children stamps each year, and always interesting. The 2013 set is a great theme for highlighting the access to education for all.


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