28 August 2014


I had received this postcard from Chicca (Italy) long time ago. It shows the Spanish Steps (or Piazza di Spagna) in Rome (Italy):

And then I received the second version from Aarón (Spain). I don't know why, but I really love having two versions from the same postcards (daylight and night, or colour and b/w, inside and outside, old and new, etc.). Maybe I need to add a new category for touristy postcards: crowded and empty.

In fact, the second postcard was sent form Spain... (I never know where my friend is!)

... and written in Arabic!

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  1. I too like having more than one version of the same place. Sometimes they are hardly recognisable. Other times there is only a little difference but that too is worth looking for - maybe it is the age of the cars, etc.


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