30 August 2014

VQR Project

Latest contributions to the VQR Postal Project, sent by Heleen (the Netherlands):

Sent by Stripygoose (the UK):

Sent by Micu (Hungary):


  1. I had a quick panic when I saw the words 'Last contributions to the VQR project'. I don't normally comment on people's English -especially when it is as good as yours - but I hope you mean latest (one's most recently received) , not last (there will be no more). I should hate to see this wonderful; project end even though I haven't contributed for ages. Love John

    1. Oh, you're absolutely right! I meant "latest", of course. (I'm going to correct the mistake).

      I don't know when this project will be finish. Maybe never. Why to finish it? It's absolutely funny! :D
      And you are one of the best contributors, you know.

      You're welcome to correct my English any time. It's the only way to learn!


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