10 September 2015

Mail Adventures in Greece

Last month, I took the boat from Sifnos island to Folegandros island. It stopped at Kimolos (another little island that we did not visited) and five or six passengers got off. I was on the stern desk (the cheaper tickets!).

I saw how the man with the red T-shirt disembarked the ELTA van. Then entered in the van, chose two big sacks and threw them off the van. Those big bags with letters inside stayed on the ground while the same man embark the van again in our boat. It occurred to me that also the postcards that I had written in Sifnos were in the same van.

Eventually, the boat set sail. People was leaving the port, but those lonely mail sacks were still laying on the ground, waiting. The man with the red T-shirt had disappeared. I thought of people longing for love letters...

From the distance, just before the island vanished into the sea I saw that he regained the mail (now I noticed that the bags were heavy), put the bags in another van and left the port as well. I was relieved.


  1. Heureusement il a prit le sac finalement

    1. A big relief!

      Nice pictures!

    2. The rest of the passengers didn't understand my interest and, yes, my relief :|


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