30 September 2015

People Who Care

Parcel received by John (the UK). This piece of mail is one of the best surprises I have received by post lately. Not only because of the content (I loved it!), but also because of the thoughtfulness of the sender.

Some months ago, I posted four stamps belonging to this set. I wrote: "I would not mind to receive the rest, but I am not sure if they are still available."  And then John stuck on this letter exactly the eight stamps I had not previously received.

Mail can warm your heart.


  1. Love those stamps! I've received "Bob the Builder" on a random card, it's great.

  2. Your mail so often warms my heart - so it is a fair exchange!

  3. Heart-warming indeed!

    Great stamps, good to see you've got the serie complete!

    1. I just need to organise the collection one day (in the future...).


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