09 September 2015

Postal Souvenirs from My Summer Trip

Writing a postcard to you from the paradise... :)

Of course I had to ask for a second frappé...

Ceramic sign in the only post office in Sifnos island

Small postal agency in Koronida (Naxos island).
Actually, a mini-market


  1. Beautiful pictures (wow, such a great ceramic)! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the postcards!

    So you're home now!? Welcome home! However... Home is where the post office / post agency / mailbox is. It is, too, isn't it? :-)

    1. I arrived home two weeks ago.

      I think you can receive mail everywhere (there's even the ('poste restante'!). So maybe home is where your toothbrush is... (and usually it is on the bag I carry with me!) :-)

  2. La carte postale en ceramique est genial


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