08 December 2015

Eva Loves

Do you know the blog Naomi Loves? Sometimes I get really inspired by it. Of course my favourite section is about snail mail! She explained here the origin of these postcards.

I felt happy (and surprised) when I received this postcard from Micu (Hungary). 


  1. A lovely and beautiful colourful postcard from Micu!

    I didn't know Naomi so far, thank you for sharing! (I even ordered her book 'Airmail' - found it on some international shipping book seller - as I became curious to know that book :-) )

    1. The postcard is lovely.
      Naomi's blog is always interesting. Especially the mail-related matters, of course. Have you seen her painted envelopes? They are absolutely wonderful! But I haven't read the book yet. I had to buy it one day...


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