02 December 2015

Nijmegen Bridge

After so many bridges sent, Heleen (the Netherlands) was flabbergasted to discover that she had never sent her favourite bridge to me: the Waalbrug, an arch bridge over the river Waal, in Nijmegen.

It was worth waiting, because I received not only one postcard, but two, and added perfectly matched stamps:

On the left, an illustration by Sieb Posthuma. The night picture (also on the postcard) is by Quinta Buma.

The third stamp, received on another postcard, keeps me intrigued: is there a stamp inside a stamp?


  1. Great to see, thank you for posting!

    And yes, there is a tiny stamp in the stamp. The original I drew in 10x15 cm size, and I sticked a real stamp on it, see:

    1. I knew I had seen it before! I really like "your" bridge :D


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