14 March 2016

Erased Address

Sometimes I just wonder how the mail services manage to get letters delivered. On this letter sent by Catherine (France), the address was almost erased. It arrived anyway!


  1. this fascinates me just the same as all those pieces of mail gone missing....

    btw. I really want to thank you for recommending me the Kampen on tunngtvannet...I finished watching it the other day and absolutely loved it! I barely breathed during episode 4, and after the final episode I was like 'what am I supposed to do with myself now'...ended quite sadly regarding Leif...I didn't expect that =/

    1. Some times mail is a miracle, isn't it?

      I haven't seen the series.I want to finish the books first, then see the series. I have already read three of them, and taking a "rest". During the "rest", I read "The Half Brother". Funny thing: I wrote a postcard for you yesterday as a thank you for the recommendation (still to be sent!).

  2. Two weeks ago I wrote a letter to my godson. He used to live in my hometown, which is the address I remember, so I decided to write him there, as they still have a house in the town. But when I wrote the letter I mixed my godson's name with my grandmother's address (my godson is not related to my paternal grandma).

    Well, my grandma lives in a street that was called after Franco, Generalísimo, therefore they changed its name after his death (I don't know if it's an official name, but they call it: Generalitat. When I was a child, her place did not have a number, so I was used to write "without number" and, even if it has a number now (for more than 20 years), I still write "s/n." on the envelope because I just haven't learnt it. With their name on it and being such a small village, letters arrive safely.

    My godson's old adress: they didn't have a number either, although it was another street. So, I guess this was the reason why, in that moment, I just changed his address for my grandma's. About his name, he is called after his dad, who lives in another town, although his father live in town.

    Two days ago, before falling sleep, I wondered why he hadn't said anything about my letter and then. I suddenly realised that I had written the wrong adress on it. The day after that, I texted him to say I sent him a letter, but it might not arrived because I had messed up the address. He answered me immediatly: my other grandma (our grandma, my godson's and mine) had received his letter and she sent him a picture through Whatsapp. He will pick it up soon, wjen he will visit our hometown. :D


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